Kofte Meatballs with Marash Yogurt Sauce

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Kofte Spiced Lamb Meatballs with Yogurt SauceThese Kofte Spiced lamb meatballs are a crowd pleaser, made more marvelous with Marash Chile Flakes and warm yogurt sauce. Sound exotic? It is! But they are easy to make and the seasonings have wide appeal. Serve them over your favorite grain pilaf or roll them out at your next cocktail party for a new take on everyones favorite hors d’oeurve.

Adapted from David Tanis’ recipe Spiced Lamb Meatballs with Yogurt and Herbs. Cooking lamb chops instead? Check out these recipes for lamb chops with Za’atar or Khmeli Suneli.

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  1. Nadine says:

    I went to buy ground lamb today and couldn’t find any in two store, so I decided to go with ground dark turkey. Everything else the same. Whole family loved it–but are eager to try with lamb.

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