Sheetpan Chicken Pot Pie

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Need something new to bring to your next potluck? Try thinking beyond the typical foods that come in a bowl: soup, chili, salad, or fruit salad. How about bringing it in style with a fragrant, golden, pastry – topped chicken pot pie, big enough to serve 12? I’m talking about the quintessential comfort food served up in a sheetpan – the 12″ x 17″ rimmed workhorse of every serious baker’s kitchen. Our version takes the classic pie one step further by using our Provencal Seasoned Salt as the secret ingredient. The delicate, summery notes of this French – inspired blend will bloom throughout the saucy filling, bringing hints of fennel, garlic, chervil, and tarragon that perfectly compliment the chicken and vegetables. You can choose to go the quick route, using rotisserie chicken, store-bought pie crust, and frozen vegetables, or channel your inner homemaker with oven baked (or in my case, microwaved) chicken thighs and homemade pie crust. If you’re making your own pie dough, using part shortening/part butter makes for a more flexible crust, which is easier to work with in a large sheet like we’re doing here. We like the classic combination of carrots, celery, onion and peas, but feel free to throw in whatever vegetables catch your eye. One important note: place a large baking sheet or piece of foil on the rack below the sheetpan to catch any drips. You’ll be glad you did!




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  1. Miriam says:

    I’m a little unsure if there is a bottom crust as well as the top? Also… do you have a recipe for a beef alternative?

    • Sherrie says:

      Since it’s a sheet pan recipe, the crust would only be on the top. This recipe calls for a double crust because a single crust would only cover half of the pie. Once the double crust is rolled out, it will cover the top of the sheet pan and filling. As for a beef version, just substitute low-sodium beef stock for the chicken stock, and cut up cooked beef for the cooked chicken. You can also vary the vegetables, as well, if you wanted to. It would be a delicious alternative using a leftover beef roast!

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