Saffron Pumpkin Crème Brûlée

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Saffron Pumpkin Creme BruleeThere’s no shortage of pumpkin pairings these days, and the beloved spicing tends to be loud and proud. But why not switch it up? Winter is long and there are pumpkins aplenty. For a mellow change of pace, we explored a pivot to the sweet side with saffron and vanilla in this decadent pumpkin dessert. Inspired by our friends at Leite’s Culinaria and their recipe for Pumpkin Pots de Crème, we set to it. The result? Amazing!!! These individual desserts are both stunning and sublime. The saffron boosts the color of the crème and the spicing elevates the flavor of the pumpkin rather than overpowering it. We opted for a tidy shortcut with the blender and allowed the flavors to bloom overnight before cooking. The results were delicious. Flecked with saffron and vanilla, the spicing brought out the buttery base of pumpkin in the most delightful way. The technique also makes it easy to whip these up well before a gathering and finish them at the last minute. If you’re a planner you can make this impressive recipe days before and no one will ever know.

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